Doll Up - Organic Hair Oil For Frizzy, Dry & Damaged Hair.
Doll Up - Organic Hair Oil For Frizzy, Dry & Damaged Hair.

Doll Up - Organic Hair Oil For Frizzy, Dry & Damaged Hair.

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Doll Up gently and effectively detangles and conditions the hair to leave it hydrated, manageable, strong and frizz-free. Its highly concentrated, reparative formula restores hair's health, moisture and elasticity with antioxidant-rich argan oil, reconstructive keratin and fatty acids.

Color-safe. Sulfate-free, phosphate-free and paraben-free.

Good hair means never settling.


What Hair Type?


  • Hair Type: Straight, Wavy, and Curly

  • Hair Texture: Medium, Thick , Coarse Hair


Doll Up is most beneficial for dry, thick, curly/wavy hair. It can keep hair moist and strong. It can also help smooth the broken or burned ends of your hair. 

What is Coarse Hair?

Coarse hair can be identified by a thick hair shaft. Unlike thin or medium hair, coarse hair contains all three layers of the hair shaft — cortex, cuticle, and medulla. If the hair strand is thicker than the thread, you have coarse hair. 

What is Damaged Hair?

Damaged hair is actually more than just split ends. Extremely damaged hair develops crack in the outer layer (cuticle).

What is Frizzy Hair?

Frizz is hair that does not align with the surrounding hairs, but stands up or curls independently, creating a fuzzy or irregular texture. The three main causes of frizz are genetics, hair damage, and humidity.


Key Benefits:

*Deeply hydrates and restores a silky sheen to dull hair
*Seals split ends and smooth the hair cuticle 
*Repairs Damage 
*Feeds hair with reparative and protective antioxidants
*Tames frizz and seals in moisture to promote stronger and smoother strands
*Helps with dryness and itching
*Adds Resilience, Softness and Luster.
*Reduces Flyaways




Question: How does this help thick/coarse hair? 

Answer: Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, it can help turn dry, coarse and unruly hair into softer and shinier, more manageable tresses, while cutting frizz and fly-aways too.

Question: Is it Halal?

Answer: 100% HALAL!

Question: Is it safe for kids?

Answer: Yes, Perfectly safe for kids 3+ of age.

Question: Can i apply it on damp hair?

Answer: It wont be as affected on damp hair as it would be on dry hair.

Question: How does it help with Dryness in Thick hair?

Answer: this oil hydrates hair and delivers a dose of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids to restore strength and shine. If your hair is color or heat damaged, resulting in dry, straw-like hair – doll up is a total godsend. The omega-3 fatty acids can penetrate the hair, providing moisture from within to prevent breakage and ensure that hair stays strong and silky.

Question: is it safe for chemically treated hair?

Answer: Yes, Perfectly safe for color treated and chemically treated hair.

Question: Does it promote hair growth?

Answer: Yes, Massaging scalp with Doll Up improves blood flow to the hair follicles and the follicles are in turn stimulated to grow thicker strands of hair, thereby doubling hair growth.

Question: Does this help Dandruff?

Answer: Doll Up is great for moisturizing the scalp and it prevents dandruff, which is the main cause of hair fall. 

Question: Does this work for people with oily hair and scalp?

Answer: This oil is incredible if your hair is on the greasier side—it clarifies, cleans, and invigorates the hair without stripping it of its natural (and necessary) oils. In doing so, it balances your scalp's production of sebum, leaving your hair nourished and hydrated without weighing it down (while getting rid of any product buildup or residue in the process). 

Question: Does this work on FINE/MEDIUM hair?

Answer: Not all types of hair will benefit from using Doll Up.

Dry, coarse hair will probably benefit more than thinner, dry hair. People with fine/medium hair may find that this blend makes their hair feel greasy and weighty.

Question: What are the ingredients?

Peppermint Extracts, Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Golden Morocco Argan Oil

Question: How do i use it?

Pre-Wash Treatment

We recommend applying this deep intense treatment every 2/3 times a week before shampoo.

Before you wash your hair, massage a few pumps of oil through your scalp and hair. It’s a great opportunity to give yourself a head massage and stimulate blood flow to your scalp and hair follicles. Keep it on for 45 minutes to an hour.  Using hair oils before you shampoo helps to protect your scalp so it’s ideal if you have fine hair, dry hair or a sensitive scalp.

*also feel free to keep it overnight.

If your hair is really damaged: Wrap your hair with the hot towel after massaging.

Try the Cordless Heat Therapy Cap-Hot Oil Therapy For Deep Conditioning. (Its Microwaveable) 

Customer Reviews

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Hamida Lakhani

Doll Up - Organic Hair Oil For Frizzy, Dry & Damaged Hair.

Sunaina Kapoor
Looking for more hydration

Hi I have been using your Doll Up oil for the last couple of times .. though I do notice a slight difference in the frizziness but it does return after a day or so.. I believe my hair does need more hydration .. let’s see how it goes after a few more applications.

Hey there, maybe our Butter Bomb would be a better option for you since you have a lot of dryness.

Also, you can mix Doll Up with your conditioner warm it up for 20/30 seconds and leave it on for an hour maybe it will help with the hydration.

Hanna Manzur
Amazing product

I have only used this oil 2-3 times and I already see a big difference in my hair. They are not shedding as much and they look healthier.

Heera B

Used it about 2-3 weeks and my hair is soft and smooth now. Especially those dry rough ends.

Ayesha Ahmedani

Best product I have ever used ❤️ It has helped my hair a lot

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