Curly Hair - Type 3

All You Need To Know About Curly Hair

  1. Type 3 - Stunningly Spirited (Curly)
  2. Type 3 hair is naturally curly and the hair has a “S” shape. This hair type forms ringlets that are naturally defined. Type 3 tends to be dry due to its texture.
  3. Type 3 hair is usually fine and surprisingly easier to style than Type 2 hair. 

A few celebrities that have the curly hair type: Alicia Keys, Shakira, Taylor Swift, Tia Mowry 


Type 3A

Type 3A hair has loose Shirley Temple curls that have a silky texture. These curls are easily defined on their own without the use of a lot of product.

Type 3A curls are the largest in diameter and sometimes have a mix of wavy pieces. This hair type has a thick texture with some shine but can be prone to a little bit of  frizz. 


Type 3B

Type 3B hair has curls that are springy and spiraled. This hair type has ringlets that are about the width of a marker. Type 3B is still pretty defined without product but can get pretty frizzy without a little bit of help from some type of product. 


Type 3C

Type 3C has curls that are tighter and more coily than Type 3B. The curls of this hair type are thick and often have a lot of texture.

The individual strands of Type 3C are packed closely together and are moderately defined. These corkscrew coils can range in size and are the most prone to frizz of the Type 3 category. 

Tips & Tricks for the Stunningly Spirited

Curls and frizz are the furthest from friends, but the key is to keep your curls moisturized. The right shampoos and conditioners can hydrate your hair while mousses, creams, and jellies can be frizz control and define your curls. 

Recommended Products: Look for curl enhancing leave-in conditioners, hair oil, and creams. 

Once you find the perfect combo, your curls will be living lavish.

Styling Tips: To embrace your curls apply light-weight products like a hair moil so you do not weigh your curls down.

After applying your conditioner, use a wet brush (or a wide tooth comb) to detangle without destroying your precious curls. Style your hair when it is wet!

Applying product when your hair is wet will make sure you lock in the moisture you hair needs. 


Shout-out to all the curly-haired girls, this is your time! If you’ve been blessed with bounce, then you’ve probably experienced a few of the following woes: frizz, damage, uneven texture, and even a loss of curl over time. But, to these annoyances, we say “no, more!”

Hair Glow -  is a blend of oils and infused herbs that are known for their hair-strengthening and scalp-soothing properties. Jojoba, lavender, Tea tree, and Almond will banish flakes and a dry scalp, while Rosemary help you to grow stronger hair. Castor and Avocado oils will smooth and seal the hair shaft to reduce breakage and help restore elasticity to dry strands. Silk amino acids penetrate deep within the cuticle to moisturize even in low-humidity environments. This oil-blend is free of sulfates, parabens, and artificial fragrances.

Doll Up - If dry fall air is wrecking your waves and curls, leaving you with flyaways, trying this blend won’t weigh down your hair. This can be used to spot-treat frizzy, dull strands or to impart all-over sheen. For best results, start with a drop or two, and add more in small increments, particularly if you have fine hair.

Butter Bomb is stimulating, meaning that it increases circulation to the scalp. Not only does that encourage new hair growth, but it also provides much needed nutrients and oxygen to the roots of the hair, which makes the root stronger and reduces the amount of shedding. This oil also combats against nits and lice, which is something else that can lead to hair fall. Much like its counterparts, it also contains anti-bacterial properties that wards off infections, fungi and unwanted bacteria.